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Each athlete will schedule during their pre-determined times based around practices, games, and working schedules. Please do your best to schedule during these times set for the team your athlete is on. If you cannot, there are certain days available that you can schedule. Please do not schedule during a different teams time, it will be cancelled. The whole team will not be photographed at one time, the team photo is a composite and will be made from athletes individual images.

These sessions will take place at
136 Fitzroy Lane, in Bentwater Winding Creek sub-division.

YOU MUST ARRIVE TO YOUR SESSION READY! Additional time to get dressed, put on make-up, change your hair, etc. will not be allowed because there simply is not time available.

Each session is about 5 minutes long.
A minimum of 3 poses will be taken, smiling and not.
The gallery for your team will be ready about 1 week after your entire team has been photographed.

No purchase is required.
Subscribing to the gallery IS REQUIRED. Refer to the yellow text in #1 below for how to subscribe.
By subscribing, you will know when the gallery is open.
Packages, a la cart, or a pre-gallery opening complete digital file package are available.

1. For packages click here to view the store for a la cart and package prices and to pre-purchase a credit towards an order when the gallery opens. These packages may combine different poses into the same package. Unfortunately, the system does not allow images from different galleries to be combined into one package and I cannot change this. If you have a 5th grader and a 7th grader, they will be in different galleries and you’ll need to purchase 2 separate packages. The team photo is not available as a digital purchase after the gallery is opened, however digital packages are available, but the best deal is #2, below. You may also text the word 24SMMSBB to the number 90738, send it, and receive a url back to take you to the gallery to pre-purchase and/or subscribe.

2. Parents are able to buy their athletes complete digital package which will include 12 frames (color and black and white of at least the 3 poses, smiling and not smiling) plus their team image for $100. This special must be purchased from this webpage (scroll down), and must be paid for before the gallery opens. This special offer is per athlete, for example if you have 2 children, that is 2 separate packages, regardless if they are on the same team or not.

There are ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS ON ANY DIGITAL IMAGE PURCHASE OR FOR THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CREDITS AND PRINT PACKAGES. If you want a print package, I suggest purchasing a credit amount that is less than the actual cost of the package and pay the difference at check out.

You may see the package costs at this link on page 8: https://ownitsports.us/clients/23-24_OIS.pdf
Please note that the full digital package has increased as stated above to $100 from $75.


Available only up until the DAY OF THE SESSIONS!
THIS IS PER ATHLETE, PER SESSION! If you have 2 athletes and want this package for both, then you need to purchase it twice, $200 total. All individual images taken for parent purchase and the team photo will be included! Banner images, headshots, and any media image captured for the team are not included. Incudes a full print release. If you’d rather pay by Venmo or CashApp, please text me at 303-917-6030.
Athlete's Name + Jersey # + Cell # + FULL TEAM & PROGRAM:

Payment plan option for the above.
(2) installment payments of $50.00; one today and the final payment of $50.00 in SEVEN days will automatically process to bring the balance to $0.00 and a total payment of $100.00
Athlete's Name + Jersey # + Cell # + FULL TEAM & PROGRAM:

SCHEDULE PER THE BELOW FROM YOUR COACH!!! If you do not find a date and time during your teams time, you will have to schedule on 12/1 or 12/8. If you schedule out of place, I will cancel your time and you will need to reschedule.

12/1 – FridayOPEN to any team to schedule
12/2 – Saturday1:00-2:00PM – 6th Grade Boys
2:00-3:00PM – 6th Grade Girls
3:00-4:00PM – 5th Grade Boys
12/4 – Monday6:15-7:00 PM – 8th Grade Girls
7:00-7:45 PM – 7th Grade Boys
7:45-8:30 PM – 7th Grade Girls
12/5 – TuesdayCLOSED FOR GAMES
12/6 – WednesdayCLOSED FOR EDITING
12/7 – ThursdayCLOSED FOR GAMES
12/8 – Friday6:00-7:00PM – Open for those who have missed their picture day
7:00-8:00PM – 8th Grade Boys

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