Own It Seniors is only available in Georgia.

Hey, Senior. Hey, Senior’s Parents. I am a senior parent too. Nice to meet you! I think we can all agree, graduating is expensive. I had no idea until that one… up there, that kid – until he graduated, in 2019. Now, we have his brother graduating, but this time I’m not walking into it blindly.

There are a lot of expenses you’re going to be facing. At North Paulding, we pay for parking, yearbooks, ads in yearbooks, senior dues, prom, homecoming… and then you start getting emails and mailings about senior pictures.

“You HAVE to schedule your senior pictures with (insert expensive contracted school photographer.”

No. You. Don’t.
What you do have to schedule is the formal picture, and that’s it. The more you know, because no one told me.

I don’t have a big, flashy indoor studio that pumps out rap music, but my lights are wireless, I have over 10 years experience, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients (thousands if you include my non-profit work with OpLove), and have won several awards. At the very least, I can offer you a personalized experience capturing your graduate as a reflection of who they are, what they are doing, and where they are going, or whatever y’all want! Oh yeah, and that kid up there, he’s helping me. He’s learning to shoot to help save money for his own college tuition. (Insert proud parent emoji here) We all think high school is expensive… let’s not talk about med school. *shivers – but still proud*

The rates are simple. We have 2 options:
1. $50 per 30 minutes of shooting – order any package or product from the Own It Sports Georgia price sheet. No minimums, online ordering, shipped directly to your home.
2. $150 for 30 minutes of shooting ($50 each half hour thereafter) includes 48 wallets for your announcements and a photographer’s choice of an album filled with the best prints for your coffee table. These are beautiful hardcover albums with silk, leather, or linen covers.

That’s it. Simple. Affordable.

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To book a session reach out directly to me by email using the contact form in the top menu, or by texting me at 303-917-6030