Jason and I are both big on educating our audience along with inspiring other artists.  We’ve created this page to help parents, coaches, players and other photographers understand why our images look the way they do and anything else you’d like to ask!

Our technique is very organic.  We both have full-time jobs and families, so in order to do what we do, we have to do it quickly but efficiently.   We do not use a lot of Photoshop on our images.  In fact, we are maybe in Photoshop for 5 minutes or less per image.  We use strobes, smoke machines, gels, the natural beauty of the world, unique locations, and common sense.

Shown below are a few examples of the style of images we can accomplish just by acknowledging what time of day it is.  Common sense says we cannot produce a sunset at 1 in the afternoon, and likewise, bright blue skies won’t happen at 6 or 7 in the evening.

Jason is an instructor for a great group of professional photographers who are dedicated to instructing others thru weekend seminars on how to properly use off-camera flash.  If you’re an inspiring photographer, or maybe are a natural light photographer only and want to learn how to use off-camera lighting better, you should check them out on Facebook: Speedlight and Strobe Fundamentals. A beginners guide to learning OCF.

Three things right off the bat,

  • We only work with youth up thru high school ages, their coaches and parents.
  • We primarily photograph athletes and we DO NOT photograph events or games!  No family sessions, no boudoir, no weddings, etc.  However, starting this summer (2019) Tonee will be working with High School Seniors again doing senior portraiture only in Georgia.  
  • We will photograph siblings together if they are each in their sports uniforms.

In the meantime, we’ve set up a Q&A box below to help answer any questions parents, youth, photographers, or anyone curious might have below!  🙂

Just be nice. :))
– Tonee


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