Become a team spokesmodel!

Contact us if you are interested in this opportunity prior to starting otherwise we won’t know you’re trying.  Also, we can only have one participant per team/squad.  Thank you!

First, what do you get!?

Well, you get cool stuff of course!  We will give you a free 11×14 Mancave Canvas or a free full-sized sports ball (or puck) with your kid’s photo printed on it and also an aluminum water bottle with your favorite individual image on it.  You’ll also get a number of wallets of poses from your privates session to pass out to all your teammates!  In addition, you’ll get 10% off your personal order.

That’s cool, what do you have to do?

Just recruit your entire team to use Own It Sports for your sports photography even if it’s a secondary session from your league’s contracted photographer, there’s no harm and no one is losing money.  Parents are not pressured into purchasing anything if they do not want too.  Each team member just has to have their photo taken individually and with the team as a whole.  If parents would like to order a package, orders and payments are due at the session.

This is just a great way to get pictures you and your kids really like in case you have to use a contracted photographer – you may need to check with your league’s director but we have done this several times in the past as a secondary service.

It gets even sweeter…

We know it’s a pain to get everyone there, so let’s make the deal sweeter.  We’ll also provide each of the coaches with an aluminum water bottle with the team photo on it as a huge “Thank You” from the team, for all they do supporting youth sports and coaching your kids.  It takes a lot of dedication and time to coach a team of kids on how to play a sport and how to succeed in it. Coaches must be in their coaching jersey for the photos, if they do not have jerseys, you must contact us prior to the shoot in order to coordinate additional ideas to help them stand out.


Right now this is only an option in Georgia.